Sunday, April 11, 2010

We're back !

Hi everyone ! I'm Henry ! You might remember my older brother Chandler.  He went to the bridge last month after a long fight with lymphoma. He was such an important member of our family. Mom and Dad have had a rough time the past month but enjoy remembering all the love he brought to our home. He passed on this fun blogging thing to me and mom says we're done with our blogging break. 

In fact I have BIG news !! Exciting news !!! I can't wait to share it with everyone !!

Our family decided to be a foster family for the Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue !! We decided to do it in honor of Chandler. He would be so proud of all our hard work helping other dogs find their forever loving homes. 

Our first foster came a week ago. He wasn't even a Golden Retriever ! I heard my mom explain though that black dogs have a harder time finding a home though and he needed a little extra help so our rescue stepped in.  He made the long trip from Kansas to Colorado so we could help him !! 

His name is Cecil and he is a 3 year old mix. There has been lots of debate on the type of dog he is. The shelter in Kansas insisted he was a Labradoodle.  Our vet says he is a Giant Schnauzer/Lab Mix.  We say that no matter what kind of dog he is, he is special ! 

He always minds his manners, never barks, loves to play with me in the backyard, and knows how to make the best sad faces so mom and dad feel sorry and give us more treats ! 

He is going to visit someone this week that thinks they might like to be his forever family. I've enjoyed having a big dog to play with in the backyard. I'm going to really miss him.  I'm also very excited he might find his forever home because we helped !!

I'm thankful Chandler left this blog for me and can't wait to meet new friends !