Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A broken hearted update

It's with a heavy heart and many tears I have to let all of Chandlers friends know that he is now taken his journey to the rainbow bridge. It was finally his time to go. It became very clear over the course of this weekend that his body was failing him. 

Even with two young dogs around, my house seems so empty. He was the official welcoming committee each and every time we opened the door (even if we had only gone down the driveway to the mailbox). I keep hearing him and seeing him out of the corner of my eye for a split second, only to realize it's only my imagination. He took a piece of of hearts with him and it will never be the smae. 

He knew he was loved, cherished and spoiled rotten. We will miss him more than any words could ever express. We did the right thing for him but that doesn't make any of this any easier. 

I want to thank everyone for your kind words of support and encouragement over the past few weeks. 

I'm going to take a small break while the wounds are still fresh and we teach Henry and Hannah how to blog so they can officially take over and make new friends themselves. 


  1. We are sorry for your loss...

    Please know you gave him the best gift our pawrents khan give us when it is time...

    We send our love and support...

    Khyra and Her Mom

  2. I'm so so sorry to hear about Chandler. I'm sure he taught Henry and Hannah plenty to remember him by.

  3. sad woofs, sooo sorry to hear about Chandler crossing the bridge..it never is easy...ur in my thoughts and prayers, RIP Chandler, run with the wind..

    a sad,
    angel lacylulu
    and mama..

  4. Oh no! I'm ... I can't believe this. We are all sorry for your loss. Yours. As for Chandler, I like to believe he's better off wherever he's at and that I'll see him again. Our thoughts are with your family. Take as long or as little time as you need. We'll be here.
    Twinkie and family

  5. Peaceful journey dear Chandler - may you find your way to the Rainbow Bridge where you will be healthy and happy as you watch over your family here on earth. To Chandler's family - he will always be with you, and those times you think you hear him or see him out of the corner of your eye, it may actually be him checking in on you all!

    Happy Trails Chandler - you will be showered with love and joyful play when you reach the bridge.

    Valerie and the Current Conifer Crew Romeo and Charm
    Samson, Carmel and Kingsley - Goldens waiting at the Bridge

  6. I'm so terribly sorry. May happy memories of your time with Chandler bring you comfort.
    Sunny and Lucy

  7. We have gone through the same thing. We had our golden for only 1.5 years to loose her to cancer. It is very empty and nothing can replace him. Things will ook up in time and never forget him.

  8. I am so terribly sorry for your loss...

  9. I am so sorry to know about Chandler.
    I know it was not an easy decision but you did what was best for him.
    He will always be in your heart.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Take care

  10. I am a friend of Khyra,
    I came to tell you I am so sad for your heart to break because I know you will miss you bestest friend Chandler.
    This doggy had a heart on his face from all the love he received from you.
    I know he was a special soul to you. I am sending you love and tonight I light a candle for Chandler.
    I say my prayers for your heart to heal.

  11. I read about Chandler on Khyra's blog. I am so sorry for your loss. Chandler was a beautiful dog. My deepest heartfelt sympathy to you and your family, and Henry and Hannah.


    Suka and K

  12. I came from Khyra's too. I never met Chandler but he was sure a handsome fellow. Please accept my sympathies in his loss.


  13. We are with you and our deepest condolences to you and family.

    Maxx and Family

  14. I didn't know Chandler, but Khyra speaks fondly of him. I offer mt deepest condolences. Our prayers are with you and yours.

    Irish Love,

  15. We are furry sorry to hear about Chandler. Our deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

    Lots of husky kisses,
    Kayla and Maebe

  16. We came over from Khyra's blog to offer you our sincere condolences. We didn't know Chandler but we do know that Golden footprints stay forever! The greatest gift you can give a dog is LOVE and that was your gift to Chandler. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Lots of Golden licks

  17. we have no words to console you except to say how sorry we are. in the short time we've known Chandler, we've admired his courage and bravery. we know now that when the time comes for us, dear Chandler will be waiting to welcome us and that is our consolation

    do take care and take your time to grief as we will be here waiting for your return

  18. I will also tell you how very, very sorry I am about Chandler. I know how difficult it is for you right now. I hope that you are able to find comfort in your memories of him, and in knowing that he waits for you at the Rainbow Bridge...

  19. We are terribly sorry to hear of the loss of Chandler. The pain of knowing you have made all the right decisions, but still missing him is very hard - we understand. We have asked the members of The Herd at the bridge to greet him.

  20. We are oh so very sad and sorry this morning. Even the expected can be so unexpected. Our hearts are heavy as we carry our thoughts of Chandler. He is a beloved family member. He loved and he was loved. He had a GReat life.

    "The Last Battle"
    If it should be that I grow frail and weak
    And pain should keep me from my sleep,
    Then will you do what must be done,
    For this – the last battle – can’t be won.
    You will be sad I understand,
    But don’t let grief then stay your hand,
    For on this day, more than the rest,
    Your love and friendship must stand the test.
    We have had so many happy years,
    You wouldn’t want me to suffer so.
    When the time comes, please, let me go.
    Take me to where to my needs they’ll tend,
    Only, stay with me ‘til the end
    And hold me firm and speak to me
    Until my eyes no longer see.
    I know in time you will agree
    It is a kindness you do to me.
    Although my tail its’ last has waved,
    From pain and suffering I have been saved.
    Don’t grieve that it must be you
    Who has to decide this thing to do;
    We’ve been so close – we two – these years,
    Don’t let your heart hold any tears.
    - Anonymous

  21. We came over from Khyra's to pay our respects. It sounds like Chandler had a life filled with love. You will miss him always bit one of these days, you will remember him only with smiles, and the tears will be gone.

    The Poupounette Gang
    in France

  22. We have only known Chandler for a very short time, but in that time he so touched our hearts - that Golden Touch is so powerful. We are so very sorry for your loss. You did the right thing and we know too well how much it hurts. Run free, dear Chandler.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  23. We've only just met Chandler and yet so strongly feel your heavy hearts. I had to let my old JR terrier go last fall, so the feeling is all too close to home. Allow me to share a quote a friend of mine sent when I was grieving:

    We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle - easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way. We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan. ~ Irving Townsend

    Godspeed, Chandler! And Hugs and Frenchie Kisses for the rest of you!

    Michelle & Brutus

  24. We are so sorry for your loss. Run free Chandler.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  25. We are sorry to hear of your loss. We came over from Khyra's to pay our respects. It is very heartbreaking to lose a loved one.

    YD with Samantha & June

  26. We only met Chandler a couple of weeks ago, but it was easy to see he was a heart dog. We are so sorry for your loss, but know Chandler is free to run and play now, til you meet again.

    Tucker, Daisy and mom Heidi

  27. So much love to share with never enough time. We will always see,hear, and feel them. We are thankful for the time we have but it is never enough. It breaks our hearts to say good bye but in time all you remember is the good stuff. This is all that remains, the good moments and the smiles we shared. Run free Chandler and tell Sabo we said Hello and we miss him.

    Love Ozzie, Zozo, John, and Kelly

  28. We are so very sorry to hear of Chandlers trip to the Bridge
    He is meeting up with all of our beloved furkins who have gone before and he is young and healthy again and pain free.
    Your love for him and his love for you will be remembered and cherished forever.

    And if I go, while you are still here...
    Know that I still live on,
    Vibrating to a different measure,
    Behind a thin veil that you cannot see through.
    You will not see me, so you must have faith.
    I will wait there for the time when we can soar together again.
    Until then, live your life to the fullest.
    And when you need me, just whisper my name in your heart,. . . I will be there.

    Hamish & Sophie

  29. Chandler was such a special boy. You loved him so much. He knew he had the best home a Golden could ever hope for. You are with us in our memories forever.

  30. We are so sorry to hear about Chandler. It's obvious he had a terrific life with you. We understand the pain all too well and send you hugs from all of us.

    love & wags,
    River the beagle & mom

  31. We're so sorry to hear about Chandler. We're thinking of you and your family...

  32. We're so, so sorry for your loss. {{{hugs}}}

    Maryann & The Brats

  33. My heart breaks to hear of your loss. I should have come over much earlier. We have not really got to know Chandler and now he is gone...We have begun to love him from our few visits here and now we'll miss him.

  34. So sorry to hear about Chandler. He will be missed by us all. There are many beautiful words here from your friends & acquaintances. Here are a few I hold dear.

    God saw you were getting tired
    and a cure was not to be.
    so he put his arms around you,
    and whispered "Come with Me"
    With tear filled eyes I watched
    you suffer and fade away.
    Although I loved you deeply
    I could not make you stay.
    A Golden heart stopped beating,
    my beautiful boy put to rest.
    God broke my heart
    ....to prove to me
    > He only takes the best <

    Our thoughts are with you,

    KT and Lady

  35. I am SO very sorry to hear about the loss. :(

  36. Oh no...we are so sorry to hear about Chandler's passing...there just are no words...we had to let our sweet Dublin go almost 3 years ago...& it still pains us...

    One of our favorite sayings:

    If tears could build a stairway, & memories a lane...
    I'd walk right up to Heaven & bring you home again....

    You are in our thoughts & prayers...we will look to the skies tonight to honor Chandler..

    Love & Licks,
    Randi & her Peoples

  37. Mom and I came upon your blog from another doggies blog...we are so sorry to hear about your loss. It sounds like Chandler lived a life that was full of love and happiness.

    RIP Chandler

    wags, wiggles & sorrowful slobbers

  38. We are so sorry for your loss. We know this is terribly hard to go through. Warm purrs and tail wags from us and hugs from Jan.

  39. We are so sorry to hear the news.. Max will always live in all our hearts.. RIP Max, run free..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  40. We too, are so sorry for your loss. Words can never express our sorrow. We also feel that Chandler is in a wonderful place now and we will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers as you grieve.

    Big Hugs,
    Beth, Ed, Dory and Bilbo

  41. I am so sorry for your loss! Our thoughts and love are with you and your family through this difficult time!

    Tabatha and Diego

  42. Khyra sent us over. We are very sorry for your loss. Chandler looks like he was a wonderful woofie and looks like he enjoyed many years on this earth. We are sending our best purrs and gentle headbutts to help you heal.

  43. We are so very sorry for your loss! We send you hugs and wish you comfort. Love Farley and his family

  44. Our deepest condolences to you and your family.


  45. Chandler has some very good friends across the Rainbow Bridge that he will play with until you meet again. He runs free and whole, and lives forever in our hearts.

    Meeshka and the gimpy gang

  46. I am so sorry for the loss of Chandler, he looked like such a special friend, and I am sure he was lucky to have been loved so much by you all.

    Poppy and Mum Q

  47. We are very sorry for your loss. What a wonderful tribute to a good friend.

    The Peppy Sheppys.

  48. This is our first visit to your blog to say hi and maybe help wipe some tears away. We came over from Khyra's Khorner. Chandler looked like a beautiful friend and we are sad he has gone away, but we are sure you will get lots of huggies when you meet again, somewhere over the Rainbow.... xoxo Ina and Poodles Toby, Ginger, Jeter & Halle

  49. I heard about your loss on Khyra's blog. I'm so sorry and I know you're hurting, but Chandler does know you did everything you could for him, and he's romping and playing across the bridge.

  50. We're furiends of Khyra's and she told us about your loss. We're so sorry and are sending thoughts and purrayers to you during this difficult time.

    Angel, Isabella and Sadie

  51. We are so so sorry! Sweet Chandler, we know you have left some huge paw prints on many hearts, and will always be here in spirit. Rest in peace, and play all day in beautiful golden fields with all of our big loves that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose and mom

  52. We are so sorry about your loss.

    Sad woooh


  53. I came from Khyra's blog. I'm so sorry for the loss of your boy. He looked like such a sweet and distinguished gentleman, who knew how much he was loved.


  54. We're so sorry for your loss.

    Mochi & Mommy

  55. I'm so sorry for your loss of Chandler. May he always remain in your hearts and memories. He left big paw-prints for Hannah & Henry. Run free sweet Chandler.

    Nadine, Apples (rescue doggie) & Neeil (golden)
    Angel doggies Keelee (1995-2008), Nikki (1987-1995) and Kimba (1972-1987)

  56. We are so sorry to hear about Chandler. We are sending many hugs your way.


  57. We are so very sorry for your loss. We know your heart is aching so badly right now and we send gentle hugs and puppy kisses and kitty purrs to you!

  58. Oh, dear Chandler- we will miss you and your sweet face.
    To your grieving family- thank you for being so kind to Chandler. He looked like such a happy dog. You could tell me was loved deeply. Thank you for sharing his stories and his pictures with us. May his memory bring you much joy and peace.

    We will be thinking of you all in these tough days.

    Your blogging friends,
    Sierra-dog and the peeps

  59. We are very sorry to hear the sad news. We have only met Chandler recently and only have read more about him through the past posts. He was really special and he truly has shared his love with you and your family and we pray that this love lives on.

    We have you in our prayers and our thoughts. We'll be here when you get back. Take care!

    -Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Scrappy, Bullet

  60. We are so sad to hear of your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Lynne, Dip, Bridge and Elliot xx

  61. I read about Chandler's passing from Santa. I didn't know him but I still can't help but tear up at the news. I'm so sorry for your loss! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  62. I'm so sorry of your loss of a sweet friend. I know all to well having lost my Heidi a couple years ago...I hope that the others will cheer your heart and keep the sweet memories alive in your heart of Chandler.

    My Gus..surely has.

    Take care...
    Hope and GUS the Schnauzer

  63. Woof! Woof! My family and I are so sorry for your loss of Chandler. Sending you my Golden Thoughts and Prayers. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  64. Hey there...I am so sorry about Chandler... I sure hope you are doing okay... Please let us know if we can do anything..

    Many many tails wags from us...and we are surely thinking of you